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Hello! I am Allan Inocente

I was born and raised in the northernmost part of the Philippines, in what most people call “Ilocandia” or “Ilocos”.  Having been raised by a family of farmers, I grew up very quickly realizing that for you to have money, you have to work hard for it.  And work hard, I did.

During summer vacation, I was busy doing odd jobs like cleaning other people’s houses, raising pigs and goats, as well as planting vegetables in my garden.

My parents always encouraged me to do good in my studies. As an obedient son, I did follow that advice.

After graduating as valedictorian of my grade school class, I managed to top the high school entrance exam to one of the most prestigious schools in the Ilocos province, the Mariano Marcos State University – Science High School.  I won numerous awards during inter-school contests like Philippine Math Olympiads, Math and Science Fairs, Highest Achiever in Mathematics, Math Wizard Champion and more.

Do you WANT more FREEDOM? more TIME? more MONEY?

Consider the following ideas for a moment…

  • Would it be ok if you could work from your home instead of commuting?
  • Would it be ok if you could pick your own hours for work?
  • Would it be ok if you could stay at home with your children?

Just like you, I was excited to find out if these ideas could also be possible for me… 

In 2011, I finally experienced all those things.

The good news is, if I did it, so can you!

What other people say about Allan

"Thank you Mentor Allan for everything! You are not just my mentor but a brother. Rachelle and I are where we are today because of you, which we will be forever grateful. You are the best model of a self-less leader and mentor. Looking forward not just as a lifetime business partership but life friendship as well. 🙂 God bless you always!"
Will Abriza
Former IT Consultant, $8000/month Earner, 6 years working with Allan
"Mentor Allan is a visionary mentor. The quality of his leadership is an inspiration to me and the whole team even if we have different professional backgrounds. He helped me open my eyes and mind to new stages of opportunity and growth."
Dra Vina B Nacino-Buraga
Medical Doctor, $160/week Part-Time Earner, 6 months working with Allan

Your FINANCES can only grow to the extent that YOU do.

Allan Inocente

Former IT consultant turned Entrepreneur. He is a Business Mentor in XTRM 1-11.

  • 24F Enterprise Center, Ayala Ave cor. Paseo De Roxas, Makati City, Philippines
  • 0917.803.4015
  • allan@akosiallan.com
  • Monday-Friday, 11AM-11PM
  • Saturday 9AM-2PM

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