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Here are the most requested topics that Allan is asked to speak on by organizations, schools and companies.

  • Rich Money Habits – 8 Ways To Shift Your Money Habits and Be Rich
  • Financial Literacy
    • How to Get out of Debt
    • How to Budget Your Money Without Feeling Guilty
    • How to Grow Your Income: Stocks vs Real-Estate vs Bonds vs Internet Marketing vs Network Marketing
  • How to Invest in the Stock Market in the Philippines
    • NOTE: This is a topic I no longer speak on, since I have not been actively trading or investing in the recent years. You can join the Truly Rich Club to learn more about it. If you are someone who simply wants to get an idea what companies to invest in and when to stop buying shares of specific companies, then Truly Rich Club is for you. If you are into value investing or stock trading, then Truly Rich Club may not be for you. I haven’t really met someone I can recommend to speak on it. Some of the names familiar to me are Randell Tiongson and Marvin Germo. I have heard Randell speak and he is great. I haven’t heard Marvin speak but some people speak highly of him.
  • Purpose, People and Passion in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Here’s my story.

I never imagined that one day I’d speak in front of thousands of people. Growing up, I was always the shy and silent type kid. I kept to myself. But I always had a yearning to share what I know. My desire to share the message has allowed me to conquer the fear of public speaking.

When I delivered my valedictory address as 1st Honor of my grade school graduating class, I missed out some lines. But I survived! and that was enough for me. As I was going into business, I knew that enhancing my speaking skills would allow me to communicate better.  Speaking was something new to me. Writing in my blog is the safe route, the easier option. I can always edit back if I missed something or made a mistake. But doing it in public where everyone is staring at you is a little bit scary. Good news is that it’s really true that when you do something often enough, you will definitely improve. That’s why, I am able to speak now on topics that are close to my heart. Sharing stories with people and inspiring them that there’s hope and that anything is possible is something that I find delight on.

updilimanbasicsofstocksinvesting2My career as a speaker started when I was invited by an organization in UP Diliman for their Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE). A group of around 60 3rd and 4th year business administration students learned about the basics of stocks investing. Fortunately, my wife was able to take a picture of that moment (see below). She was also able to take a video of the talk.

You can watch the part 1 here and the part 2 here.




 Over the years, different schools like PUP, La Salle Lipa, UST, UP Diliman, UPLB, Letran, Batangas State University, have invited me to speak…Some even invited me again and speak on multiple occassions.


My second stint was to a much bigger crowd of almost 1,000 students from Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  It was another amazing experience for me meeting energetic students who are very very hungry for learning.  The students of PUP certainly know how to give a great token.  I loved the “mini-me” statue that they gave me

Here’s the second time I was invited in Polytechnic University of the Philippines to talk about Multi-Level Marketing and the Current Marketing Trends.


Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Financial Literacy.


University of the Philippines Diliman for the second time, for their Finance Academy Series of Seminars.


De La Salle University – Lipa. Financial Literacy. Personal finance, on how I managed to pay off my debt, save, invest and build a growing business.


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In the course of building my business, I have been asked to speak on different topics both in different provinces as well as in different countries.



Basic financial literacy. How to manage debts, earn more income, invest and more.


Shared my story on how I got started in business and some tips on how to build a sustainable business. How to create an sustain an online business in 27 countries, while working anywhere you want, earning the income that you want, and working with people that you like.


A few months after this workshop, the business income of the participants has increased by two-folds! Co-facilitated this with XTRM 1-11 mentors.


CLICK HERE to invite Allan as resource speaker to your school, organization or company event.

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