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Growing up years...

I am Allan Inocente. I was born and raised in the northernmost part of the Philippines, in what most people call “Ilocandia” or “Ilocos”.  Having been raised by a family of farmers, I grew up very quickly realizing that for you to have money, you have to work hard for it.  And work hard, I did.

During summer vacation, I was busy doing odd jobs like cleaning other people’s houses, raising pigs and goats, as well as planting vegetables in my garden.

My parents always encouraged me to do good in my studies. As an obedient son, I did follow that advice.

After graduating as valedictorian of my grade school class, I managed to top the high school entrance exam to one of the most prestigious schools in the Ilocos province, the Mariano Marcos State University – Science High School.  I won numerous awards during inter-school contests like Philippine Math Olympiads, Math and Science Fairs, Highest Achiever in Mathematics, Math Wizard Champion and more.

After graduating from the country’s premier school, the University of the Philippines Diliman, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering on a DOST (Department of Science and Technology) Scholarship, I was immediately hired by a multinational IT company.

For most of my corporate career, I spent my days in front of a computer, doing programming work. Not talking much with other people. Only through office messengers. After working for years and getting promoted almost every year, I realized one thing very clearly, that even with my increase, I’m still struggling financially.  My specialty was in building credit card systems.  Ironically, I, the “expert” in credit cards, got into credit card debt as well. 🙂

The book that opened my eyes to amazing opportunities

One day, while browsing through a local bookstore, I came across the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I found myself immersed and I couldn’t put it down. I read it over and over again and it’s as if a new world was opening before my very eyes.

I realized, that the formula my parents thought me about becoming rich, that is, “study hard, get good grades, work in a stable job”, is not working. And here’s this book, telling me why. For the first time, I realized there’s another formula out there that can be a solution to my problem – not having enough money (to pay my credit card debt)!

After applying the lessons from the book, I was eventually able to pay off my credit card debt. I even managed to save up around 6-digits income after some time.


The first time I realized that WORKING HARD is NOT ENOUGH

Everything was going right, until I decided to marry the girl of my dreams. After factoring in the increase in my paycheck due to my promotion as Team Leader, I still could not figure out how to save up for the wedding expenses. That’s when I got the brilliant idea to quit and work abroad!

After giving up my budding career, I embarked on a journey to Malaysia to work for one of the biggest international banks in the world. Fortunately, it worked as I was able to get married after saving up for 1 whole year. My wife and I stayed for another year and a half, then finally decided to come back home to the Philippines.

When I came back, I was offered a position by my former company as an IT consultant. The pay was great. I didn’t have to learn from scratch because I already knew the systems. I already know the people I am working with. From afar, it was a great deal. Except for one thing. Part of me was still unsettled. I was day dreaming of setting up my own business. Earning passive income. Doing the things I want to do without asking permission from anyone. I wanted to figure out a way where I could earn even when I am not working. It was what they say the Entrepreneurial Itch that won’t go away.

Awakening my entrepreneurial spirit

Over the years, I got fond of reading about business and investing. It was also a good time because I had a little bit of money saved up to do those things. We didn’t have kids yet at that time. There were days where my head would like to explode with ideas. But unfortunately, I was too afraid to do something about it.

Then after books came seminars. I attended lots of seminars, varied topics ranging from Stocks Investing, Real-estate Investing, Money Summit and Wealth Expo, How to Start Your own business, Internet Marketing, and many many more. It is at this time that I also downloaded ebooks and videos online about sales and marketing. It was a LEARNING PHASE for me. I got hooked into personal development as well, spending money on so many things. I got to know Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, and many many more.  After thousands spent on books and seminars, I had nothing to show for it.

Finally, I decided I wanted to try doing things. I enrolled into COL financial to invest in stocks. I ventured into real-estate. I got into internet marketing. I even tried to put up a seminar, wrote an ebook and sold it online. Some of them worked, some of them failed. But I learned a lot from the experience.



In 2011, I met a girl that would become my mentor in business. She offered me an opportunity that I could not refuse. Not because I needed the money, but I was just so fed up in learning so much but nothing to show for it. I knew I needed to learn a lot of other skills to become successful in business namely: sales, marketing, leadership, and many more. I didn’t know a lot of the stuff. But this opportunity allowed me to learn them HANDS-ON. Not from a book. It is in actually setting up a business where you speak with other people face to face. Learn how to communicate better. Eventually, I managed to get a little bit of success and was asked to share it to other people. I got invited to several schools like UP Diliman (3x), UPLB, PUP (2x), DLSU-Lipa, UST, Letran and more.

After 6 months doing it part-time, I finally got the courage to give up my IT career and pursue my business full-time…and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made (aside from marrying my wife!)

Over the years, eventually this opportunity bloomed into an international operation spanning countries like Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. My wife and I got awarded as Top 23 with the highest income growth in the whole Pacific Region. We got awarded FREE travels, Asian Cruise to destinations like Sanya and Tianjin China, Vietnam, Busan and Seoul Korea and Hong Kong. Our lives have never been the same.

In the process, I have had a chance to mentor other people achieve the same level of success. You can watch their videos and read their inspiring  success stories here.

These days, I am one of the mentors of our team XTRM 1-11, an organization of young entrepreneurs who help train people on areas like sales, marketing, leadership and more.

I wish I could tell you it was easy, but it was not. However, it is not that hard either. Anyone who is ambitious and willing to work hard can do what I did. In fact, I am always on the look out for people who would like to do just that. If you want to find out if you can do it too, simply read the instructions here on how to work with me. It may be a start of a long and fruitful partnership.


Allan Inocente

Let me help you become the NEXT SUCCESS STORY.


ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE (China and Korea), June 2015

Shared my story and some business tips to business leaders from across Asia and the Pacific while onboard the Voyager of the Seas of Royal Caribbean Cruise.

HONG KONG, May 2016

A few months after this workshop, the business income of the participants has increased by two-folds! Co-facilitated this with XTRM 1-11 mentors.

BATANGAS, September 2016

Basic financial literacy. How to manage debts, earn more income, invest and more.

ILOILO and ANTIQUE, April 2017

Shared my story on how I got started in business and some tips on how to build a sustainable business. How to create an sustain an online business in 27 countries, while working anywhere you want, earning the income that you want, and working with people that you like.


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Let me help you become the NEXT SUCCESS STORY.

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