BATANGAS, September 2016

Basic financial literacy. How to manage debts, earn more income, invest and more.







ILOILO and ANTIQUE, April 2017

Shared my story on how I got started in business and some tips on how to build a sustainable business.  How to create an sustain an online business in 27 countries, while working anywhere you want, earning the income that you want, and working with people that you like.





HONG KONG, May 2016

A few months after this workshop, the business income of the participants has increased by two-folds! Co-facilitated this with XTRM 1-11 mentors.






ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE (China and Korea), June 2015

Shared my story and some business tips to business leaders from across Asia and the Pacific while onboard the Voyager of the Seas of Royal Caribbean Cruise.

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